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Posted on October 13th, 2006 by admin.
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Dear Reader,

The Teenscene blog is brought to you by the Westerville Public Library! It is for the use and enjoyment of teens in Westerville and around the world. Here we’ll post what’s going on, as well as stuff we think you’ll find helpful, funny, and/or important.

All comments are moderated before they will post, so please remember your netiquette and avoid any bullying, bad language, or insults.

And absolutely, positively tell us what you think! Questions and suggestions are welcome. You can leave a comment, or email

Blog away,


Teen Librarian




Comment on January 3rd, 2007.

Hi! Can we blog too? I would like to know how to set up one here.


Comment on February 21st, 2007.

I was wondering that as well…what happened to the old blog where you could actully sign in and all?


Comment on February 22nd, 2007.

Wow this has been around since october…gezz I had no idea…and by the way the background changing thing is pretty neato…it came close to making my day.


Comment on May 2nd, 2007.

can we blog its a big question i have nere 6 grade


Comment on June 28th, 2007.

hi evry one i looooooove this site iv ment mant twilight lovers like my selfthais site is awsome


Comment on January 18th, 2008.

I love the idea! And I to have met Twilight lovers on this site. I wish my library would do this.

Read A Lot, Love A Lot,


Comment on May 14th, 2008.

him- i wont to bolg and i listen to mousic while i read a good book or groapich novel


Comment on October 26th, 2010.

For all of you who want to set up your own blog, it’s free! This is a WordPress blog, but Blogger and Tumblr are two other popular options. Search for them online to find out which you prefer and how to set yours up! :)

professional development

Comment on February 1st, 2011.

Hey, you have a good picture of the library, but how pepople can have blog in here and it is not just for teen, isnt it

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