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Posted on April 26th, 2011 by Becky.
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Do you guys know about It’s a web site where teens can go to improve their understanding of mental health issues, as well as develop resilience and build coping skills. has 4 key sections:

  • The Facts provides information on a range of mental health issues
  • Real Stories shares personal experiences with mental health issues from teens and young adults and how they got through these issues
  • Get Help provides information about how you might find the help you need
  • Add Your Voice presents opportunities for you to contribute content to ReachOut and have your opinions become part of the larger ReachOut community.

It’s really awesome and worth a look. They’ve also partnered with YALSA (a library organization focused on teens) to tie in these books that deal with many of these same mental health issues. The site is also sponsoring live author chats – check out the lineup!

How about you — are there any books that have helped you through a tough time, or opened your eyes to what other people may be going through?


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