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ARC reviews are coming in! Woot!

Posted on March 31st, 2011 by Becky.
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Thanks to everyone who’s joined our Teen ARC Club, where we read advanced copies of books BEFORE they are published! Curious to know more? The details and available books are listed here – and you can always find this page on the right side of this blog, under “Pages.”

I’m super-excited that we’ve got two FANTASTIC reviews already — check them out in the comments section of the ARC page! The two books are on order in the library catalog — click the links in the reviews to reserve a copy!

Fun tidbit from our last meeting: we noticed most of the books said “Dedication TK.” Whoever this TK was, he (she?) was getting a lot of books dedicated to him. Well, leave it to Wikipedia to clear things up; “TK” is a publishing abbreviation meaning “to come.” Careful spellers out there, this may drive you as crazy as Kampgrounds of America does for me…

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Comment on April 2nd, 2011.

I think this TK sounds like a nice fellow. Must be to get all of those dedications. ^.^

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