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Read books before they hit the shelves!!

Posted on March 4th, 2011 by Becky.
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We are thrilled to announce our brand-new Teen ARC! Advanced Readers’ Club! Want to be the first to see new books? This is your chance to read books BEFORE they are published!! Here’s how to join:

1) Sign up online.

2) Stop in the Teen Center of the library to choose a book. First come, first served. (NOTE: Not all titles are appropriate for all ages. Use your best judgement to decide if a book is right for you.)

3) Read the book and share your thoughts! You can come to a monthly meeting at the library or share your thoughts online (or both!). Reviews will be posted here, so check back soon! Got questions? Email Becky.

Here are the ARCs we currently have:

book cover of   The Coven's Daughter   by  Lucy Jago


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