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Write or Die!

Posted on December 5th, 2008 by Becky.
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Guest blogger Odderkid shares the following post: 

Have you ever wondered what the most evil writing tool ever invented is? 

Well, I’ve found it.

Great for NaNoWriMo, deadlines, or whatever rocks your socks. Give it a word goal, how long you want the program to run for, and start typing. If you write consistently, you’re perfectly fine. But if you stop for a certain amount of seconds, one of three things will happen after an alert of the background turning red (depending on what function you’ve set it to).   

There’s Gentle Mode, where after you stop writing a box will come up to remind you to keep writing.

Normal Mode, where an annoying sound will blast from your computer every time you stop writing.

And of course Kamikaze Mode, where your work eventually begins to delete itself.  

So, if YOU ever have a deadline or just want to rip out some hair, go to Write Or Die!!! 

….Thanks for the tip, Odderkid! Can’t wait to try this…and I’m a little afraid…

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Comment on December 8th, 2008.

Hecks yeah.


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