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Poe video contest

Posted on October 27th, 2008 by Becky.
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Just in time for Halloween, check this out: a Poe video contest! Scary-story master Edgar Allan Poe will turn %200 in January, and READ magazine is seeking video tributes from those age 18 and younger.

The deadline for this Weekly Reader exclusive video contest is November 21, %2008. Respond with your ghoulish video tribute. Videos should be under 5 minutes in length. Some images that might inspire you: ravens, floorboards, beating hearts, Baltimore, horror, Lenore, red death. 3-5 winners will receive publication of their Poe video tribute in READ magazine’s electronic issue, a monetary reward, and lots of Poe goodies!

Hmmm, 25 days to create a Poe-worthy video? Dare you to try it! Check out some Poe from the Library to get some inspiration!


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