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Posted on March 14th, 2011 by Becky.
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Many of you are writers, and one of the most important and difficult choices you make is what to name your characters. Names are very important! What is it about the name “Voldemort” that makes you KNOW he is a bad guy? What is it about the name Bella or Katniss that works for those characters?

I always like to recommend that writers check out a baby name book to get some ideas flowing. Of course, this comes with the built-in distraction of looking up your own name and all of your friends’ names! When you’re ready to buckle down and start naming your characters to see what sticks, here’s a great post┬áto make sure you’ve considered all the angles.

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Comment on March 14th, 2011.

Hmmm, maybe the fact that “Voldemort” means “wish of death?” My favorite name for a vampire is Leila, because it means “creature of the night,” or it did the last time I checked. :)

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