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Crocs banned in school?

Posted on November 2nd, 2007 by Becky.
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I know a lot of you wear Crocs, so I wondered what you think of this article from USA Today that tells how many schools are choosing to ban Crocs in the name of safe footwear.

More public schools are instituting stricter, parochial-style dress codes, and Crocs, along with generic sandals and flip-flops, aren’t fitting the closed-toe, closed-heel criteria.

What do you think? Have there been Croc incidents at your school? Do you think the safety concerns are legit, or would you rather have personal style at school?

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Comment on November 7th, 2007.



Comment on November 9th, 2007.

I think you should be able to have personial style but crocks? who are you kidding you would not wear that to chruch! And you probably wont even get out of your own room wearing that to chruch. I just think there doing the right hing but the wrong way. They should have the students vote on it but besides that i’m all for personail style


Comment on November 9th, 2007.

crocks are cool i give them props :-) but baning them shurr they not closed toe but still they pritty cool (if the pirncelbel has stinky feet the YES BAN THEM!)

Big Mac

Comment on November 14th, 2007.

I think you should be able to express yourself in your own way. So if that means wearing crocs then go for it. I dont think they should ban crocs or flip flpos. I love wearing flip flops! :]]]]]]]


Comment on December 13th, 2007.

I think they should be allowed to be worn so should flip flops. Most of the people who wear those aren’t usually doing extreme sports anyway. I personally don’t like them but who am I to decide that?


Comment on June 11th, 2008.

I think people should be able to wear flip flops at school!!!


Comment on August 12th, 2008.

that is the most retarded rule ever!!!!

i mean seriously
its not like were gonna die from wearing
crocs or flip flops(even tho crocs are UGLY)

besides everyone locves flip flops :]


Comment on October 11th, 2010.

i think its wrong to take away someone’s style. it’s not like we are going to drop died if we croc’s.

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