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What’s happening in this picture?

Posted on July 24th, 2007 by Becky.
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Well, I’ll tell you what’s happening, because it’s amazing! This is the world’s tallest man shaking hands with the man hoping to be officially declared the shortest by the Guinness Book of Records. Source: The BBC.

Now you tell me…what are they thinking as they shake hands?

Tallest man, shortest man



Comment on July 25th, 2007.

“Get in my belly!”


Comment on July 28th, 2007.



Comment on August 1st, 2007.

“Cool puppet!”


Comment on August 3rd, 2007.

Him-*tall guy* doon’t drop him or you might never find him
*short guy* how is the weather up there?


Comment on August 6th, 2007.

idk but the girl in the background sure wants to get noticed…


Comment on September 7th, 2007.

(What the tall guy is thinking) Wow. This guy looks real delious. I could just heat him up in the oven and put that new skeak sause on him. Wait? Is canibalism aloud in my country??? (wat the short guy is thinking) OMG!! that guy is very scary! And he has a very unseteling smirk on his face!


Comment on November 21st, 2007.

That’s a really cool/amazing picture! (FACT: the little guy is a Primordial Dwarf; meaning his bone structure is identicle to an average person, just miniature. The big guy has Gigantism; he can’t sop growing.)


Comment on February 15th, 2008.



Comment on February 26th, 2008.

It is so not funny to pick on short people. So grow up!


Comment on February 28th, 2008.

im appsolotley shocked i never knew little guys like him could be that small and i feel so sorry for him having to have a big man breathing on him bless him jaimeson
poor lil sweetheart lol maisie and jack from dereham

jamelia rodriguez

Comment on March 10th, 2008.

Well let me tell u.. short gentlemen well is okay to be short is all right because i know that is why god brong u into tha world because u are one of gods gift so dont be a shame of ur hight


Comment on May 21st, 2008.

i feel sorry for the girl
she woun’t be abble to have a baby
hahaha hie is really TALLLLLLand he is really SHORTH

tall guy

Comment on July 29th, 2008.

i want him over for dinner he looks delicouse


Comment on July 29th, 2008.

i wonder how he lookes like when he was born!! lol


Comment on March 24th, 2009.

The tall guys hand is as big as the little dude…=-/


Comment on May 21st, 2010.

Their Souls are the same size, THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Pricilla Wetterauer

Comment on October 20th, 2011.

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