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TGIF Minute Mystery

Posted on July 20th, 2007 by Becky.
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A woman throws something out a window and dies.

What happened? (Several possible answers here…got any theories?)

(Last week’s answer: A mosquito bit me, then landed on the wall, where I smashed it. Great guesses by all!)



Comment on July 25th, 2007.

Maybe she threw a weight that was tied to her ankle by a rope, effectively pulling her out the window with it to her death?


Comment on July 28th, 2007.

She threw a boomerang out the window, which looped around & came back & hit her in the head, killing her.


Comment on July 31st, 2007.

she through herself out the window


Comment on August 1st, 2007.

alina is right


Comment on August 6th, 2007.

I was thinking the same thing as Alina and Alex. She threw herself out the window.

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