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TGIF Minute Mystery (Friday the 13th edition!)

Posted on July 13th, 2007 by Becky.
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Some of my blood is on the wall, but I’m not bleeding.

How did it get there?

(Last week’s answer: The man died from eating a poisoned popsicle. Marsia was closest, but I loved Laurin and Rachel’s creative answers!)



Comment on July 16th, 2007.

By “blood” could it mean “family” or “kin”? Perhaps this person has a family portrait hanging on the wall…


Comment on July 17th, 2007.

“Blood” as in “Family relative”, I’m thinking… Possibly they were hurt, or there was a picture or somthing hanging there?


Comment on July 22nd, 2007.

him- he has stuck him self with a needal and has put the blood on the wall and is not bleeding cuse the pin prick is too small to let blood out unless forced out or the man has bleed to death and has no blood left to bleed?


Comment on October 28th, 2008.

I can only assume that by “blood” they mean family…perhaps they have a picture of their family…

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