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The Magic Door: Portal Fiction

Posted on March 19th, 2013 by Becky.
Categories: Books, Movies.

So…who has been to see Oz the Great and Powerful? I haven’t yet, but I would like to thank it for prompting this blog post, which has taught me a name I didn’t know existed for one of my favorite types of books: Portal Fiction!

How often have I gushed about how I love stepping into another world, like Alice, Coraline, or Tiffany Aching?! I read the term “portal fiction” and experienced that awesome “there’s a WORD for that?” feeling.

…these books feature protagonists who are transported from our own familiar world to another realm, where they encounter exhilarating adventures and come face to face with conundrums that challenge their perceptions and abilities, uncover hidden aptitudes, and help them learn about themselves.

The post linked above mentions some great titles, including The Other Normals and the brand-new Splintered. Reserve copies of the whole list here.

Got any other favorite titles about stepping into another world? Add them in the comments!


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