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Give the Gift of Technology: Great Apps and Digital Books for Teens

Posted on December 4th, 2012 by Mickie.
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Looking for something to give the teen who has everything? Sneaking a new tablet into your teen’s stocking and want to load it up with some fun stuff so she can dive right in on Christmas morning? Need some way to clue your parents in to what you’d like to have as a gift? LOOK NO FURTHER! This blog post is for you.

Santa Mickie will pull gift ideas for every teen out of her big red sack–Ho Ho Ho! Want even more great suggestions? Visit School Library Journal’s Top Ten Apps list of 2012.

For the Book Worm:

YALSA Teen Book Finder- FREE for Apple

Find the best books and media for teens, as selected by library staff and educators across the United States!

For the Nerdfighter:

DFTBA: Hank and John’s Awesome Adventure- $1.99 for Apple

Play John or Hank Green as you battle the minions of World Suck. which have invaded the land of Nerdfighteria. Play through 8 levels of platforming awesomeness, from the video game level, to the Evil Baby Orphanage, to the Internet itself.

For the Gamer Geek:

The Oregon Trail- .99 cents for Apple and Android

An oldie, but goodie--this game lets you pack up your wagon and MANIFEST DESTINY as you travel West into the American Frontier. Did you pack enough nails? Will Mary die of dysentery?

The Dragon Slayer- FREE for Apple and Android

The Dragon Slayers are hunting once again and you have answered the call. Dragon Slayer is a visually spectacular, magic-based combat game

For the Artist Geek:

Wreck this App- $4.99 for Apple and Android

Based on the book, Wreck this app encourages kids to create outside the page. Doodle, deface and deconstruct all in the name of making something new!

For the Puzzle Geek:

Polymer- $1.99 for Apple

Polymer is a strategic shape-creating game that combines the logic of Rubik’s Cube, the sliding mechanism of Chuzzle, and the creativity of Lego.

For the Internet Geek:

Echograph- $1.99 for Apple

Wired magazine calls this app the "instagram of Internet GIFs" it allows you to make GIF (snippets of animated photos) files that are instantly sharable on social media sites.

For the Science Geek:

The Science of Reality-$13.99 for Apple, Nook and Kindle

The ultimate digital book experience from Richard Dawkins, one of the world’s greatest scientists. How do we know what is true? Explore the magic of natural science with clips, interactive demonstrations and beautiful animation and photography.

For the Big Ideas Geek:

Ted Books FREE (with in app purchases) for Apple and Android

TED Books are short original electronic books produced every two weeks by TED Conferences. Like the best TEDTalks, they're personal and provocative, and designed to spread great ideas. TED Books are typically under 20,000 words — long enough to unleash a powerful narrative, but short enough to be read in a single sitting.

For the Hipster Geek:

Stachetastic $.99–3.99 for Apple and Android

With this easy to use photo editor, you can take a new picture or select one from your photo library and instantly add a mustache or beard from a selection of sweet facial hair.

For the Manga Geek:

Viz Manga FREE (with in app purchases) for Android and Apple

You now have the greatest manga from Japan at your fingertips, at long last in a convenient, downloadable format for your device.

For the Comics Geek:

Dark Horse Comics FREE (with in app purchases) for Apple and Android

Have your favorite Dark Horse comics at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere! Read free digital comics along with hundreds of your Dark Horse favorites starting at 99 cents.






Comment on December 4th, 2012.

There is so much awesome here, I don’t even know where to start.


Comment on December 4th, 2012.

Thanks Miss Becky!

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