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Do you like Parrots? Muppets? Johnny Depp? You are Going to Love this Post

Posted on September 19th, 2012 by Mickie.
Categories: Events, Random Fun.

The pirate speaks,”Books and Fun about Pirates! Today be talk like a pirate day and we love pirates! Read about them, find your own pirate name, learn the lingo and sing a song o’ the high seas! Talk like a pirate day be about fun and if you don’t like it you can walk the plank!”

  • Need a good yarn? Read these books about pirates! (WPL is not responsible for your sudden desire to own a talking parrot)
  • Don’t have a pirate name? Find your name and insist that your parents call you by it! Like this, “Mother–you simple DO NOT command Captain Jane Squiddly Britches to clean her room.  Saavy?” (WPL is not responsible for groundings and/or lectures about respectful discourse)
  • Learn the lingo. Don’t Sprechen Sie the lingity? You can learn to speak pirate with our Mango Language program from our online collections.
  • Sing a pirate song! Here is a super mash up video from Pirates of the Caribbean and Muppet Treasure Island. Have you considered the life of a professional pirate? Maybe you should! (WPL is not responsible for angry guidance counselors or your sudden disinterest in attending business school)



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