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Someone you know wrote that: Getting published on Teen Ink

Posted on July 11th, 2012 by Becky.
Categories: Words & Writing.

Greetings, fair readers! Did you know that one of our own teen library patrons and volunteers, Lily, has been published on the Teen Ink web site? TWICE?!? Teen Ink publishes a magazine, web site, and books — all written by teens. Read on for the links to Lily’s stories and what she says about them:

It’s Really Not Funny

I’ve been wanting to write a “plague fiction” story for some time now, and my novel-in-short-stories-in-progress provided me with a perfect opportunity. This piece is set on the planet Theta Prime, on which a colony of humans has recently been established. They have no way to leave or communicate with Earth, and the colonial outposts are scattered widely across the planet. With isolation, overcrowding, and stress comes disease.

Long Fingers (an Editors’ Choice award winner!)

In conversation with my mom, I expressed a frustration with the lack of short-fingered geniuses in literature. She suggested that I write a story about one. This is what came out instead.

Congratulations, Lily! :D

Want to become a published writer yourself? Use the library to check out the Teen Ink magazine, submission guidelines on web sites like Teen Ink and Figment, or some books on writing! Go forth and get published!


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