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Dear TeenScene: 3rd Edition

Posted on July 10th, 2012 by Mickie.
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Happy Tuesday readers and welcome to another edition of Dear TeenScene–your weekly blog post about all things Own the Night! We have three weeks left in our 2012 Summer Reading Program and I am happy to report that all participants have been reading their horns off…or..ugh..their arms off …uh..that’s not right..ugh they have been reading LOTS!

A combined 7,311 hours of reading from all teams makes this year’s program a RAGING success! But you still have questions–it’s cool. On to the letters…

Dear TeenScene,
I need your advice.  I’m a vampire.  *Technically* I’m 15 years old but really, I’ve been 15 for a very long time.  Should I sign up for the teen summer reading program or the one for adults? Also, do I get credit for pints of blood sucked?

Thirsting for Blood with no Time to Read and Eternally Conflicted

Dear TfBwnTtRaEC,
Wow that name is a mouth full, eh? Couldn’t you just go by Bob? Bob is a nice name! I know lots of Bobs and they are all pretty cool…well except for that guy I went to High School with who used to lick the lockers between classes. *shudders* Anyhooo…ugh sorry, if you are 15 for eternity you are reading with the teens for eternity too…but I think that is pretty cool! The adult program isn’t giving away cool, free books and they aren’t having a magical black light glow party either…so, like, be thankful. And MAYBE if you spent less time sucking blood and more time reading books your team wouldn’t be dead last. Just sayin. (Get it? Dead last…see what I did there? I slay me…HA-I did it again!)

Mickie the Librarian

Dear TeenScene,
Since I’m a unicorn, i can zip through books like a hurricane (cus I”m magic and all). So I read all the books in the library. (Some of them were really, really weird). Anyway, I really need some new interesting books. Can you recommend some awesome books that by any chance I did not read. Thx a lot!!  P.S. Can you tell Bella to leave me alone, she keeps bugging me about that cute sparkly boy she met at the teen place at the library. Thx!!

Speedy Gonzales…the Unicorn

Dear Speedy,
Yes, yes, yes–we get it! You are an awesome unicorn! I’m sure everything you do is amazingly magical! We’re really happy for you! If you have read all the books (even the unabridged encyclopedia? Really? What about the phone books–did ya read those?) Why not try some magazines? We subscribed to everything from Sports Illustrated to Seventeen and even Unicorn Skin Care Monthly! (Ok, no we don’t actually subscribe to that last one–but I would read it!).  Also, spending time reading magazines totally counts toward SRP prizes! Oh and yeah…I called security about Bella. Sorry ’bout that.

Mickie the Librarian

Dear TeenScene,



Dear…uh…you…I get it…ha–brains…mine…heh….heh…my brains…yeah…that’s funny…uh…

*tosses three packs of cookies at Zombies and runs*

Gotta run!! Till next time SRP fans this is Mickie signing out–reminding you to keep reading and Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!




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