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Eat the Unicorns’ Dust…Sparkly, Sparkly Dust: SRP Update–Unicorns Lead the Pack!

Posted on June 18th, 2012 by Mickie.
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Zombies–look alive (sorry bad pun) and quit moaning so much, just get reading!

Vampires—can’t you sink your teeth into a good book?!

Humans–You have no excuse–you have not so rotten arms, eyeballs that mostly work (when they aren’t glued to the computer screen). So why aren’t you reading more!?

Are you going to let the unicorns win? Are you going to let the glitter get all over the library? Go on–get to reading, or come to a program or volunteer—just log those hours!

Here is the breakdown…as it stands today, 6/18/12



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