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Posted on June 3rd, 2012 by Mickie.
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Okay, you signed up for Summer Reading and you chose a team…WHAT? You haven’t signed up yet?

Go here and do it. Now.

Ok, so you are signed up–awesome! The four teams are reading like crazy to try and out do each other…
Here are the stats…

Aren’t sure how to get some hours in? Here are some tips:

  • Take a book to the pool…just try not to get it too wet!
  • Read some comics on the web–heck, yea it counts!
  • Read your favorite picture book to your snotty little brother–maybe if you read together he won’t be so snotty!
  • Come to the library–if you attend a program it counts toward your log–here’s what is going on.
  • Put a zombie sticker on your head and read a book about brains at the park…why not? You get double fun for being a weirdo… (so says Teen Volunteer, Kat!)
  • Listen to a book on your ipod or computer or ipad or whatever techno gadget floats your boat…I just listened to The Hobbit and it was awesome-have you ever heard dwarves singing?
  • Grab a magazine–they are fun to read and they have pictures!


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