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The Titanic: Long Gone but Not Forgotten

Posted on April 9th, 2012 by Mickie.
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With the 100 year anniversary of the sinking approaching on April 15, %2012 and the brilliantly timed release of James Cameron’s Titanic in 3D much of the world is very interested in the rusting and romantic heap of history on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Why do we love history? Is it the romance? Is it the adventure? Is it the cool costumes? Who knows–but historical fiction is gaining in popularity with adults and teens alike!

So what happened that cold night in 1912? Why weren’t there enough lifeboats and how did it feel to look into that dark 28 degree water and know you were about to plunge in?  No helicopter rescue for these folks…and none of them are around anymore to ask. Here is how National Geographic thinks it may have happened:

They aren’t the only ones piecing together stories from the past. Some try to piece together the facts and others try to match the facts up with feelings and human emotions–that is the beginning of historical fiction. These authors want you to listen to their take on the disaster. Are you up for some adventure?


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