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The Hobbit trailer: It’s time to get yer Tolkien on

Posted on December 22nd, 2011 by Becky.
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It’s here! It’s here! Our first glimpse of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie adaptation! Are you in a comfortable seat? Is the sound turned up on your computer? OK, now take this in:

HOW EXCITED AM I?! Enough to shout on the interwebs, that’s how excited. New resolution for %2012: I’ll be re-reading the book and re-watching the amazing movie series in preparation. More details here.



Comment on December 29th, 2011.

cool! luv the hobbit read it when i was 7 years old!!!


Comment on December 31st, 2011.

oui! which means yes where i come from. can we do a poll for which movie in 2011 is better?

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