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Michael Jackson and Edward Cullen Discuss Upcoming Teen Events…Comixed Style

Posted on December 21st, 2011 by Mickie.
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"So, uh, hey Mike...I hear you are getting pretty excited about the WPL We Love the 80s party next Thursday 12/29 at 7pm?"

"Yeah...Edward, I am pretty excited about the party. I was kinda a big deal in the 80s...maybe you heard about that? Anyhoo--at the party there is going to be rad 80s food and a costume contest and music and stuff. Pretty Bad--as in good, you know like I was in the 80s."

"You know, you WERE pretty big in the 80s...if you are into that whole Thriller thing or whatever. Personally, I like classical music and tree-climbing more than werewolves doing silly dances in tacky red leather. You know, I'm kinda a big deal now and I, uh, SPARKLE."

"Oh, geesh...awkward. You see Edward, I sparkle too--'xcept when I do it, it is cool. Ouch."


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