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Peace, Love and Pass the Cranberry Sauce: Thanksgiving Books for Every Taste

Posted on November 15th, 2012 by Mickie.
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Do you love the holiday or hate? It doesn’t matter–we’ve got a book for that!

Want to warm you heart with stories of good people and helping hands? Look no further--read on and store up all the warm fuzzies that the holidays bring!


Hate the holiday and all that touchy-feely junk? Here is a twisted story about a detective who gets psychic impressions from everything he eats....did I mention that he solves murders? Yeah...guess how he gets clues. *shivers*

Do you feel like an alien during the holidays? Are you sure that your family is a bunch of weirdos? This book is kinda like that--it is the flock's first turkey! What can go wrong?

Are you worried about what is going on with your school friends while you are off on break? So do the girls at Waverly...drama and turkey--enough for seconds!

Mmmmm....more Thanksgiving drama than a football game in overtime!

Speaking of football---can't get enough of the couch and the game is over? Here are some short stories about that favorite Thanksgiving day past time!

Vegetarian? No turkeys were harmed in this book--in fact, this turkey stirs up a Lakota indian reservation by its presence and changes a few lives. Gobble Gobble!