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Mirror, Mirror: Wardrobe and Beauty Tips and Tricks

Posted on August 7th, 2012 by Becky.
Categories: Events, Fashion.

(Image by Flickr user Bram & Vera)

Calling all who love fashion! Do you know what clothes work for your body type? What colors look great with your skin tone? You’ll want to register for this event and mark your calendars!

What: Get tips and tricks and the latest trends from a personal shopper and make-up artist.

When: Monday, August 27, 7-8:30 pm

Where: Meeting Room A

How: Register here, or call 614-882-7277 ext. 5004

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It’s a Transformation! Teen ARC Club –> Beta Books

Posted on May 7th, 2012 by Becky.
Categories: Beta Books, Books, Events.

Those of you who have visited our Teen ARC Club have probably heard the news — we’re changing the name! We voted and chose democratically: beginning in June, this group will be known as Beta Books. New name; same great flavor! Not to worry — we’ll still be reading and sharing ARCs (that’s Advanced Reading Copies — preview copies of books that haven’t yet been published!). We’ll meet 4-5 pm in the Activity Center on these days:

Friday, May 25

Wed, June 27

Wed, July 25

Wed, August 22

If you can’t make it to a meeting, never fear! You can sign out a book from the Teen Center at any time, and share your thoughts online. (However, the meetings are pretty hilar. I would recommend stopping by for the laughs and snacks if nothing else…)

Here’s our latest review from reader Maddie (thanks, Maddie!). The book is now out, so you can reserve it:

Title: Hourglass

Author: Myra McEntire

What did you think of the book? I liked everything about the book. It was well written with few if no mistakes, easy to read, and went by fast. My favorite part was when they went back in time to save the professor. I would recommend it to a friend.

How would you rate this book? 5 stars – Unbelievable! I’d rather read this book than sleep!

What did you think of the cover? I think the cover fit the book well. It showed how she’s coming from one place to the other. In my opinion, I’d like it if it showed both where shes going and where she’s coming out of.



Summer Orientations for Teen Volunteers: They’re Coming!

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 by Becky.
Categories: Events, Teen Volunteers.

Come find out the scoop about volunteering at the Library’s %2012 Summer Reading Program and summer events!

Summer Reading Volunteers MUST attend at least one orientation, so mark your calendar:

  • Sun, May %20 @ 3 pm;
  • Thurs, May 24 @ 7 pm; or
  • Sat, May 26 @ 3 pm

Bring your schedule to sign up for times to volunteer!

Need to fill out a volunteer application or ask a question? All the links you need are in the “Teen Volunteer Opportunities” box on the top right of this blog.

Hope to see YOU volunteering this summer!



Poetry Jam workshop this Sunday!!

Posted on April 12th, 2012 by Becky.
Categories: Books, Events, Words & Writing.

Calling all writers age 12-16! This Sunday from 3-4 pm, poet Jennifer Hambrick will be hosting Poetry Jam: Bringing Your World to Life in Poetry.

Maybe you’ve never written poetry and want to try your hand at it, or maybe you’ve written some free verse and want to write more. Either way, here’s your chance!

We’ll find poem subjects from the world around us, turn them “on their heads,” mine them for meaning, and tell their stories in free verse poems. We’ll also workshop our poems and learn how to give and receive constructive criticism.

Bring plenty of paper and pencils and come prepared to look at your world a little differently! Registration requiredclick here to register online, or call 614-882-7277 x 5006.


Getting Hungry? Hunger Games Party for Teens this Friday!

Posted on March 19th, 2012 by Mickie.
Categories: Events.

Friday from 4:00-5:30 is our Hunger Games Movie Release Party!

Before you hit the theater tonight, join us as we explore Panem through food, fashion, and fun. Which district will you represent? Will you survive the Arena? How great is the movie going to be?! Costumes are encouraged! And may the odds be EVER in your favor!

While you are counting the minutes until the release, check out these foreign covers for the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Which do you like the best? Give me a shout back in the comments…


Happy Pi Day!

Posted on March 14th, 2012 by Becky.
Categories: Books, Events.

It's March 14, aka 3/14, aka 3.14 or Pi Day! Everyone's favorite number that never ends and never repeats is definitely deserving of its own day. And if you think math and fiction can't overlap, think again! There's a great roundup of math-related books on The Hub, and a few highlighted below:


Making money has never been as funny as in Gary Paulsen's intro to basic economic principles.

In the near future, teenager Matt’s family exceeds their legal debt limit and Matt is taken by the government.