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Books and Events about The American Civil War

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Today is the 150th anniversary of The Battle of Antietam, the deadliest battle of The American Civil War.
Do you have a budding historian in your house? Read all about it!

Join us for these historical events!

Civil War Cemetery Walk
Stroll through the historic Otterbein Cemetery and stop at Civil War veterans gravesites to hear about the war and their experiences

Civil War for Kids
Why was the Civil War fought? What was life like for soldiers and civilians on both sides of the war? Explore some answers to these questions with fun activities.

A Lively Look at History of Death in the 1860s
Join Jennifer Rounds from the Ohio Historical Society as she explores the fascinating (and slightly macabre) history of death and mourning customs in the 1860s, during the time of the Civil War. Visitors will get to look at mourning clothes and jewelry, read and make up their own humorous epitaphs, view a traditional Irish Wake, learn about death superstations and make their own gravestone rubbing.