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It’s a Firefly Night!

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Playing outside in the Summer is fun – especially when fireflies are out. Get into the fun with these books and activities.

Read about fireflies, what they are and how they make their light.

Following your child’s natural curiosity is a great way to help her stay engaged when picking out books to read and gives you a way to “sneak” in everyday learning lessons that are fun and casual.

If you plan to catch and observe, this is a great time to talk about using a “gentle touch” and why it is important to release the insects after your observation session.

Then, pretend to catch fireflies in the day time and inside! Let your child collect several puff balls in a jar or cup. Using tongs or a long handled spoon is a fun way to move the pretend fireflies around the house or from container to container.

Extend this fine-motor skill activity by letting your child sort different colored puff balls in a muffin tin or allow him to group different numbers of puff balls by number.

On a warm summer evening, sit with your child outside and watch the fireflies. Talk about what you are seeing – are there any patterns? Do the fireflies tend to gather in specific areas?

You can even learn a rhyme about fireflies:

I caught a little firefly, I held it carefully (mimic catching and holding gently)
It tickled as it crawled around and lit its light for me. (tickle yourself and flash your hands)
I watched it for awhile and then I set it free! (mimic letting the firefly fly free)
My firefly flew around my yard happily! (fly around like a firefly)

Lastly, read a bedtime story about fireflies.