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Good Dog: Owney the Mail Pouch Pooch Gets Immortalized on a Stamp

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Do you remember Owney, the Mail Pouch Pooch by Mona Kerby?

Owney the Dog, immortalized in a stamp. Photo courtesy of the National Postal Museum

In 1888, Owney, a stray terrier puppy, finds a home in the Albany, New York post office and becomes its official mascot. He criss-crossed the United States on the mail train, through the Adirondacks, into Canada and Mexico, and eventually traveled the world by mail boat in 132 days. TRUE STORY!

Go, Owney, Go!

This summer, Owney is being honored with his very own postage stamp! There will also be smart phone apps, ebooks that use Owney to teach geography and a new exhibit at the U.S. Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

Go, Owney, go!