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WHOOOO Goes There? Books and Activities about Night Animals

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Are you curious about night creatures and what they do? We are! Today a naturalist from Sharon Woods Metro Park came and told us about this nocturnal wonders.  If you missed the program, here are some take home books and activities to try on your own! Visit their site to see what other upcoming programs they have to offer.

Try this at home!

  • Make a bat cave: Drape a blanket over the table or use a large cardboard box. Read about the lives of bats in fiction or non-fiction and then pretend to be bats living in the cave you made. What do you eat? How do you sleep?
  • Use your listening ears: Nocturnal animals usually have really good hearing–what can you and your child hear when you close your eyes. Make a list of sounds you hear. You can do this activity night or day, but no peeking!
  • Catch Fireflies: If you can stay up late enough, catch fireflies and watch them as they “talk” to each other. Explain to your child that fireflies should be free, but it is ok to gently catch them and observe them for awhile. Then wave good bye as they fly off back into the night.
  • Go Flashlight Hunting:  Grab a flashlight and explore the nighttime world. Turn over rocks and look closely at tree bark…what creatures do you see? If you are near a pond or stream the flashlight will show neat nocturnal animals just below the surface.
  • Name that Body Part: Read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen and then color your own owl friend.
  • Who do you Hear:Listen to each of these animal recordings and try to guess what nocturnal animal you are hearing.
  • Keep Learning: Read more about Night Creatures!