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We May be Under Construction….

Friday, April 19th, 2013

…but there is still PLENTY to do at the library! We are open and it is business as usual in the Youth Department. In fact, we just received some new puzzles and new board books–check it out!

Tumblebooks Just Got Bigger

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Now there are more of the animated picture books that you already love plus audiobooks, graphic novels, fiction and non-fiction for your older kids.

Read and listen to animated books, graphic novels, videos and audiobooks. Great for kids who are learning English as a second language and reluctant readers.

Want to get started? Just click & play. No download required.

  1. Tumblebooks: Animated books for young readers.
  2. Tumblebooks Audio: Audiobooks for all ages.
  3. Tumblebooks Junior: Animated books, graphic novels and videos for elementary school kids.
  4. Tumblebooks Cloud: Animated books, graphic novels and videos for middle school or high school students.

Questions? Contact us.

More than Shamrocks and Minty Milk Shakes: Learn about Ireland with Culturegrams

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Has your child asked you about what St. Patrick’s day is or why we like to wear green on March 17? What does it mean to be Irish? Where IS Ireland exactly? What do shamrocks have to do with anything?

Kids are naturally curious and holidays that adults may take for granted can seem unusual or confusing for them.

Go beyond the stereotypes and let us help you answer those tricky questions!

From our homepage,, click on the “Online Collections” tab. This will bring you to Culturegrams, our subscription database that allows you and your child to explore the world. If you are in the library, you may access Culturegrams immediately, but if you are visiting from home please have your library card number ready. After you have been authenticated, you are ready to explore the world!

To learn more about Ireland, choose the “Kids Edition” and click on Europe in the map of the world…from Europe, click on Ireland.

From here you and your child may explore the Irish culture…listen to music, try out an authentic Irish recipe or view a slideshow of pictures displaying daily life in Ireland.

A quick click on “Holidays” will help you explain more to your child about St. Patrick’s Day and why we celebrate the way we do.

Hmmmm…no mention of minty milk shakes, but it still may make you hungry reading about Irish food.

So you have answered some questions, but don’t stop there – let your curiosity guide you. Pick another country and see what you can discover. For more books about countries and cultures, stop by the reference desk or browse our catalog. Come in and tell us about what you have discovered.