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This Blog Layed an Egg: Books and Activities about Chickens!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


Fluff up your feathers and get ready for some chicken fun with this take-home story time all about our feathered friends…

Read it:

Chick and Chickie by Claude Ponti
Chick and Chickie are best friends and best friends like to play! Join them as they explore masks, funny jokes and the letter A.

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein
Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Interrupting Chicken! Papa may never get through this bedtime story is baby chicken doesn’t stop interrupting all the time!

Minerva Louise and the Red Truck by Janet Morgan Stoeke
When Minerva Louise accidentally hitches a ride in farmer’s truck she gets to see the wide world beyond her farm yard. Will she want to go back home again?

Play it:

Five Fluffy Chickens
Five little eggs (wiggle fingers)
Underneath a hen. (cover with hand)
Five little eggs (wiggle fingers)
Snuggle right in. (cover with hand)

Mama keeps them warm for 3 long weeks (hold up 3 fingers)
Crack goes the shells from their little pecking beaks! (Snaps fingers)
Out come the chickens, every little one! (wiggle fingers)
And fluff their feathers in the warm spring sun! (make chicken arms)

Make it!

Take a chicken for a walk with this preschool craft.
Step one:  print out a chicken template and cut the chicken out.
Step two: color your chicken and glue on some feathers if you have them. If you don’t have feathers, strips of colored paper make great pretend feathers!
Step three: Tape your chicken to a popsicle stick or a pencil and take it for a walk! Read a book to your chicken or tell it a story about cracked corn and sunny days–chickens love that!

Dance it!

Remember this? Dust off your chicken wings and take your little chick for a spin