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Road Trip Boredom Busters: Reserve Today!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Ah….after the election all thoughts turn to turkey! The crisp fall days, the delicious smells of pies and the long car ride to Grandma’s house with a back seat full of bickering kids. Ugh. Avoid the bickering and reserve your librarian recommended boredom busters today!

Read it!
Pop-ups, picture puzzles and books with great pictures are less likely to give you car sickness and can be shared by siblings…well, maybe you’d better get each child his own book.

Watch it!
Play-Away View units are self contained, single serve digital movies (no equipment needed!) that fit in your palm and come equipped with headphones for silent travels.

Hear it!
Books on CD, Playaway Audio and Family Sing-a-Long albums are an essential part of a fun road trip!

Play it!
Count cows, play license plate bingo or play a word-game trip to Mars with the fun ideas in these books!