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Fairy Reading Buddies Spotted at the Library!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Did you know that fairies make great reading buddies? We invited Westerville kids to come capture some fairies at the library and take them home–you can see the beautiful specimens they created!

Reading buddies are important helpers–especially during our Summer Reading Program! 102 Beginning Readers and over 333 Kids have completedthe Summer Reading Program goals of completing 21 activities (for beginners) or reading 12 hours (for kids)! That is great! If you are still working on logging your hours, don’t fret–there is still time! You have until July 30th to log hours and claim prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a reading buddy and get started! Don’t have your own captured fairy reading buddy? You can make one!

  • Draw a fairy on paper–give him some curly hair or draw her a pretty dress.
  • Put your fairy into a washed out jar–peanut butter and jelly jars work well, but wash them out first!
  • Add grass or moss to the jar to make a comfy bed for your fairy.
  • Add shiny stickers, glitter, jewels or pretty paper to your jar–that keeps the fairy interested so she won’t try to escape.
  • Put the lid on your jar and decorate the top with fabric and ribbons or paint the top in colors you love.

When you are done making your captured fairy reading buddy, find a cozy spot and grab some great books to share with your new friend.

Need some suggestions? Here are some fun fairy reads to get you started!