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Review from Tween ARC: Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Wondering what new book to be on the lookout for?

 Check out Emily’s review of Charlie Joe Jackson’s guide to not reading:

Charlie Joe Jackson ( or Charlie Joe ) is in middle school. But, believe it or not he has only read one book in his entire life! When his only source to complete his schoolwork tattles, Charlie Joe finds himself in a major pickle. In this hilarious tale involving position papers, bad books, tons of tips, cute crushes, and bad backstabbers, you will laugh your head off and fall in love with the character and the book.

Ages: 9-14

Some bad words!

Other recommendations:
Toby recommends the graphic novel: Marvel 1602

Cailin enjoyed the suspense and mystery surrounding: The Visconti House

Emily recommends Printz Award winner: Shipbreaker

Kailey recommends: Clara Lee and the Applepie Dream


 Flint Heart (New Katherine Paterson, coming soon)

Cailin can’t say enough good things about the amazing: Wonderstruck (New Brian Selznick coming soon)

Robert couldn’t put down: Gregor the Overlander (it’s a series!)

And Cailin also enjoyed: Skary Childrin and the carousel of sorrow
(New–In Process)

Stay tuned for more recommendations from the ‘Tween ARC club. By the way, if you’re in 4th or 5th grade, and LOVE to read and talk about books…there’s room in the ARC! Register on-line!

Meet the ARCs!

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Did you know that Westerville Public Library has hosted a reading club for 4th and 5th graders ?  The Advance Readers Club (aka ARC) has met monthly since October to talk books–and boy, do they LOVE to talk about books!

But not just any books–books that have not yet been published!   You see, the library receives copies of books known in the ‘book biz’ as “advance readers copies”, or “arcs”.  We make these books available to the members of this club and talk about their impressions of those books at the monthly meetings.  In addition, this club has agreed to review new books from Little, Brown and Company.  They send us enough copies of a certain book and our kids read the book and fill out a form and we send their opinions to an editor at Little, Brown.

Here are some of the books they’ve been reading: