Worms.  They’re slimy, slithery, and a little bit gross.  Which is probably why kids love them so much!  Check out some books about the little wrigglers, then round out your reading with a rhyme and fingerplay.

And if you still can’t get enough, bring the kids to this program to meet some worms and find out how to make your very own worm bin.  (It’s easy, and not as yucky as it seems!)

More books about worms!

(Gross) Rhyme:
It’s such a shock
I almost screech
when I find a worm
inside my peach.
But then, what really
makes me blue
is to find a worm
who’s bitten in two!

Finger play:
I lifted a stone and saw a worm,
(place hand over opposite pointer finger and “lift”)
I watched him wiggle and squiggle and squirm.
(wiggle index finger)
Hello Mr. Worm!  How are you today?
(talk to index finger)
But the worm just silently wiggled away.
(wiggle index finger away)

Did you know this post was based on a storytime?  Come to Saturday Tales and see what else we have to offer!

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