Read This! Stone Voice Rising by C. Lee Tocci

Stone Voice Rising by C. Lee Tocci

Six year old Lilibit, who lives with her two old aunties, has talked to stones for as long as she can remember. When a mysterious man as tall and strong as a tree comes to take her to Kiva, a safe haven where her abilities will be honed, her only concern is to teach him a lesson. No one treats Lilibit like a foolish child and gets away with it.When she escapes during their cross country trip, she finds she has unwittingly put herself terrible danger.

Five years later she arrives at an orphanage, battered and broken, with no memories of her prior life. After a devastating earthquake, Lilibit and six other orphaned children with mysterious powers decide they must journey to Kiva. But the shape shifting evil being Syxx and his forces are hot on their trail.

This equally touching and suspenseful fantasy will appeal to boys and girls alike.

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