Saving Endangered Animals: Anna, Emma and the Condors

The California Condor, the largest land bird in North America, is critically endangered. In 1982, there were only 22 condors in existence. With help from scientists like the ones in this film, the condor population is slowly recovering and being reintroduced into the wild. Anna, Emma and the Condors tells the story of how one family has dedicated their life to helping this animal to survive. Anna and Emma Parish’s father Chris is the Condor Field Project Supervisor with the Peregrine Fund. The film has breathtaking moments as a condor is released into the wild, gliding freely for the first time on thermals in the canyons of Northern Arizona. It also includes the more mundane details of life as a scientist, taking blood samples and providing food for the condors (remember, they are in the vulture family) who are recovering from lead poisoning. The girls help with many aspects of the condor recovery. This film won the 2013 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Video.

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