Take a Trip to the Zoo

Do you love the zoo? You can recreate the fun at home!

Try This Fingerplay

 The spotted giraffe is tall as can be,

(raise one arm as high as you can),

His lunch is a bunch of leaves off a tree,
(nibble with fingers of hand of outstretched arm)

He has a very long neck and his legs are long too,
(point to raised arm and legs)

And he can run faster than his friends at the zoo!

Read These Books

Check out more great books about the zoo.

Try These Activities

  • Talk with your child about the animals in a box of animal crackers. What sounds do those animals make? What do those animals eat?
  • Play “Monkey See, Monkey Do” with your child and copy his/her silly actions. Then have your child take a turn copying your silly actions.
  • After reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? by Eric Carle, take a walk around your neighborhood to see what you can hear. Are there birds chirping? Do you live near a busy street? Ask your child to be still and use his/her “animal ears” (made by cupping your palms around your ears) to listen for sounds.
  • For more ideas on how to take zoo fun home, visit Kid Territory, hosted by The Zoological Society of San Diego.
Sing This Song
Here’s a trick: while you sing this song with your child, have fun pretending to be the animals mentioned.
We Are Going To The Zoo
(to the tune of: London bridges)

We are going to zoo,
To the zoo, to the zoo.
We are going to the zoo,
Won’t you join us too?

We’ll see lions, tigers too,
Tigers too, tigers too.
We’ll see lions, tigers too,
All at the zoo.

We will find some chimpanzees,
Chimpanzees, chimpanzees.
we will find some chimpanzees,
Swinging from the trees.

We will look for kangaroos,
Kangaroos, kangaroos.
We will look for kangaroos,
Hopping at the zoo.

How do you do the zoo?

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