Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni: Non-Standard Measurement and Storytelling

This week in Action Tales, our storytime that focuses on narrative skills and storytelling, we forgot about the single-digit temperature and retold the story of a clever little inchworm.

In Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni, the clever worm loves to measure by using his body. He measures the animals and objects in his environment and then escapes a hungry nightingale by measuring its “song” until the worm is far away from his hungry beak!

First we read the story and then we made talked about what it means to measure. Here’s a PBS Teachers article explaining measurement and non-standard measurement activities. To reinforce the concept of how little things can be used to measure bigger things, we used our own bodies to measure the width of our story room.

Then we got down to crafting our own inch worms.

How to Make an Inchworm

2 craft sticks or coffee stirrers
1 piece of ribbon (ours were 5 inches long)
2 googley eyes (optional–you could use a marker to make eyes)

Glue one end of the ribbon to one stick and the other end to the other stick. Add eyes.

Behold our inchworm!

Then we retold the story. Use an old sheet or roll paper to sketch out the scenes from the story and then let your little inchworm practice measuring. How many inchworms long is that blade of grass? How many inchworms long is Daddy’s arm?

Want more math and science fun? Try our STEM Storytime or pick up a book about measurement.

Happy Reading!



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