ARC-ers review I Funny and other books

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The last review book that arrived from Little, Brown was I Funny by James Patterson.  Here are some impressions by members of ARC.

Emily–approves of the cover even though it wouldn’t do much to attract her attention on the shelf.  She liked the book a lot and would read another by the same author.  Her favorite character is Jamie ’cause “he’s so funny!”

Catherine–would change the cover from one with a close-up of a kid wearing Groucho glasses (the ones with the nose and a mustache attached) to one of the main character on stage holding a microphone, facing the reader “without sweat”.  Her favorite character was Jamie’s Uncle Frank, “because he’s kind and is not a little bit rude.”  If Catherine could change anything in this book she’d eliminate Jamie’s problem with excessive sweating.  That said, she’d like to read the sequel: “I would like to know what happens.”

John–thought the cover was just right and declared it among the best books he’s ever read.  His favorite character is Jamie “because he’s funny” and  would “totally” read another book by this author.  The only thing he’d change: the grammar!

Eva–didn’t finish the book because she was reading two others:

Katerina’s Wish  by Jeannie Mobley

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She chose the book from the collection of advance copies because she liked the title and the story was so good she finished it in record time.  Although the beginning was her least favorite part, the middle of the  story really hit its stride;  “It was very interesting.”  The main character was her favorite “because she was very hopeful.”

May B.  by Caroline Starr Rose

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Eva was drawn to this book because of the title and read it quickly.  Eva’s least favorite part was the beginning, but once she got into the middle of the story she found it hard to put down!  Her favorite character is May, “because she had courage!”

Sam and Robert submitted their reviews of The  Last Dogs; the vanishing by Christopher Holt.

The cover of this book has changed since it came to us as an advance copy early this fall. When we got it it looked like this:

arc cover

Robert said the cover made him want to read this book.  He thought it went with the story and he wouldn’t change it.  Sam, on the other hand, did not think it matched the story.  Well, someone at Little, Brown Publishers must have agreed because this is how it looks now:

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Both Robert and Sam liked the story.  Robert’s favorite character is Rocky, “because he is funny” and Sam liked Max.

Robert would read another book by this author.  The second book in the series, Dark Waters, will be released this summer.

ARC is a book club for 4th and 5th graders who love to read never-before published books (and everything else!).  We meet the third Thursday of the month at 4 pm in the Youth Activity Center.  Our next meeting is January 17th.

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