Out of the Box

Do your kids enjoy playing with the box a present came in as much as the present itself? Make tissue paper hats and jump on the bubble wrap inside packages? Inspired by Antoinette Portis’ Not a Box, children and families explored some of the many things a box can be: a boat, a rocketship, a cave at the Westerville Public Library’s Out of the Box program.

Castle or old west town bank? Or jail? We supplied a variety of boxes of different sizes, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap (great lunar landing surface), paper plates, markers, chalk, and tape. The children applied their imaginations. They explored a snow cave; created sleds, doors, a birdhouse, among other things; decorated the castle; had imaginary battles with light sabers; threw paper snowballs; built a skyscraper; opened an ice cream shop . . . take a look at this video to see some of the highlights!



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