This Blog Post Smells Good! Books and Fun all about Pizza!

What is your favorite food? Mine is pizza! Today we had a pizza story story time–join in the fun!

First we learned about what pizza is and how is it made. Hold the Anchovies by Shelley Rotner & Julia Pemberton Hellums talks about how flour is made and where cheese comes from.

This book has some great realistic pictures and lots of great question and answer spots--stop the story and talk about your favorite toppings. What are Grandma's favorite toppings? What would be a silly topping?

Then we spread out on the floor and used scarves to pretend we were making a pizza--stretch the scarve, roll it and don’t forget to toss it up in the air! Next spread it out and smooth some sauce on and add your favorite toppings! Put it in the pretend oven and cook it until it smells good…now EAT IT!

Pretending that a scarf is a pizza is pretty silly, but not nearly as silly as what Pete’s parents do in Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig. Pete’s parents try to cheer Pete up by making him into a pizza!


If you are feeling silly too, this is a great book to reenact with your child! Did you know that pizza dough giggles? It does when you tickle it!

Finish up your pizza party with a rousing round of the Pizza Pokey! Stand in a circle and pretend that your right hand is a pepperoni pizza and that your left is a cheese pizza–what is the middle of the circle? The oven, of course!

Pizza Pokey (to the tune of The Hokey Pokey)

Put your pepperoni in (put right hand in)
Take your pepperoni out (take right hand out)
Put you pepperoni in and shake it all about! (shake your hand)
Do the pizza pokey and turn your self around! (dance in a circle)
NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM! (pretend to eat each others’ pizzas!)

Other verses–put your cheese pizza in and then put the whole pizza in until the fire is too hot and you have to jump out!

If this story time has made you hungry, why not make a snack! Make a simple Pita Pizza Pocket or dabble in some science fun by making your own yeast crust for a custom pizza pie. If you fancy something sweeter, why not try a fruit pizza that is good enough for dessert!

Save a slice for me!



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