What Goes Up? Books and Fun are Up in the Air!

Couldn’t make story time this week? Take the fun home! This week we talked about the word UP.

We started the fun off with a bouncy song from Raffi. Sit on the floor and dance along in your pretend wagon…

Then read a few books all about going UP and practice the early literacy skills we suggest to extend the learning and enhance the fun!

For more action/early literacy fun with this book, have your child stand or toss a ball up every time the word "up" is spoken! Point to the word and practice saying the letters, U and P--ask your child to find those letters in other words through out the book, I Spy style! Congratulations--you are working on recognizing the alphabet with your child!

This book has a great repeating phrase "So everyone has to wait!" Let your child help you tell the story by anticipating the phrase and saying it with you! Let her turn the pages, she is learning how a book works!

This little girl swings higher and higher--you won't believe how high! Ask your child to remember a time when he was swinging--did he feel tall? Did she meet an alien?Connecting past events to events in a story helps your child realize that words and stories represent things in real life--this helps your child build empathy skills and makes reading more personal and enjoyable!

This book has rhyming text and lots of details in the pictures. Ask your child about what is going on in the pictures and talk about it. Who is hiding above ground in the desert? Who is sleeping below? The more you talk, the more your child's vocabulary will grow!

Next you can talk a bit about what is up and what is down and then extend the fun with an action rhyme—do the rhyme a few times slow and then speed it up! How fast can you go?

The Grand Old Duke of York

Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men.
He marched them up to the top of the hill (stand up)
And he marched them down again. (crouch down)

And when they were up, they were up, (stand up)
And when they were down, they were down. (crouch down)
And when they were only halfway up, (half crouch)
They were neither up nor down. (stand up and then crouch down quickly)

What goes up most come down! That’s all for now, see you next time at the library!




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