Exploring at the Library: Glow Sticks and Sensory Fun

The library isn’t just books and story times. We also like to encourage curiosity and imagination – these are 2 critical characteristics of life-long learners.
Yesterday we invited kids to come to the library and play – in the dark! With black lights and glow sticks the library was transformed into a shadowy, sensory playground that begged for exploration. Don’t miss our preschool glow party or if you can’t make it it, here is how you can extend the fun at home.

Black Lights:

  • You can purchase a black light for under $20 at most “big box” stores. Mount the light somewhere in you house where you can make the room entirely dark or wait to play at night. Watch the cords and don’t let your child touch the light…safety first!
  • Place a mirror by the black light and let your child look at himself. Teeth look funny and so do white clothes. Here is why. What else fluoresces? Why? Try chalk drawings on black paper or yellow highlighter…wow!
  • Tonic water also fluoresces…you can drink it or replace the water in a Jiggler recipe to make a fluorescent snack!

Glow Sticks:

  • Glow stick are fun at night and last for hours. Be sure to only purchase non-toxic sticks and don’t let children chew on the sticks. How do they work?
  • For daytime glow fun, make a “glow cave” in your house by draping blankets over a table or a couch cushion “fort”. Take in some books and toys and have a fun afternoon playing in your glow cave.
  • Try slipping a lit stick into a balloon before you blow it up and then inflate. Wow–glow in the dark balloon volleyball!
  • If you put a lit glow stick into an empty 2-liter bottle and then fill it up with water, you’ll have a night light or if you have a set of them and a sturdy ball you can try some glow-stick bowling out in your yard!

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