Ohio Reptiles..in the LIBRARY?!

Attention Tweens, ages 8-11!

Monday, May 7th at 4:00pm the library will have some pretty interesting visitors! Some will slither in and some will crawl but all of them will be awesome.

  • Did you know that Ohio’s state reptile is the Black Racer Snake?
  • Did you know that there are over 8,000 species of reptile in the world and they live everywhere on the planet except for Antarctica (brrrr!)?
  • Did you know that snakes and lizards flick their tongues to “taste” the air? It helps them smell!
  • Did you know that only a few species of snakes in the US are venomous…most of them are harmless friends who eat the pests that destroy our gardens! They are one of many great creatures who are garden helpers to humans!

Come learn all about Ohio reptiles with our special guest naturalist from Sharon Woods Metro Park who will bring along some live cold-blooded, scaly friends.  Yes, you heard me–LIVE reptiles will be here at the library. You do NOT want to miss this. Register today!

Want to read up on some cold-blooded creatures?


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