Snail Trail: Books and Activities for Small Adventurers!

What are those shiny trails across the garden and over the patio? Those are snail trails! Snails sleep during the heat of the day and like to explore at night. What adventures do snails have when we are fast asleep?

In this week’s Action Tales program we explored the night life of snails with Ruth Brown’s book Snail Trail.

In this action filled picture book, a tiny snail has a night full of adventures in a square foot of garden. Read the book with your child and then try some of these activities to extend the fun and enhance the learning!

Read about it!
Check out library books about snails. You can mix up fiction and non-fiction books for added interest.

Laugh About it!
Q: Why is the snail the strongest animal?
A: Because it carries its house on its back!

Q: What did the snail say when the turtle passed him on the road?

Play it!
Make a snail obstacle course on a square of green paper. We used items from the story Snail Trail like a trowel for a slide and garden gloves for a snug cave. Indicate the snail’s trail with a dotted line. A tiny picture of a snail on a popsicle stick is a great puppet for your child to retell the story of the snail’s adventures with.


Make a fist for a shell with your left hand and cover your right hand that has two fingers sticking out for “eye stalks.” Teach your child this rhyme:

A tiny snail through the garden did go…(move slowly)
He couldn’t move fast, he could only move slow!
Where he went a shiny trail did tell. (wiggle a finger like a trail)
And when he got scared he hid in his shell! (pull your fingers in under the “shell”)

Get Outside!

  • Make a shelter! Snails love dark, damp places. If you put a flower pot upside down in your garden you may entice a snail to live there!
  • Collect tracks! Lay black construction paper outside over night in the garden or on your sidewalk. If you are lucky maybe a snail will make tracks on it over night!
  • Have a snail race! In this race, the slowest person wins and you get bonus points for wiggling through the race on your belly!


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