Planting the Seeds for Spring! Books for Little Gardeners

The days are getting longer and the birds are getting louder are you as ready as we are to start digging out the garden? It is too early in Ohio to start working the soil, but it is the perfect time to start planning. Gardening with kids is fun and a great way to spend long, lazy days together…isn’t that what Summer is for?

You can even THEME your garden based on your favorite books!

Fairy Garden: This year, maybe you’ll want to plant a fairy garden to sit beside as you read.

Runner Bean Tipi: A runner bean tipi is a fun place to hide while you read books about giants and  beanstalks and boys named Jack..

Pizza Garden: Hard work deserves a great reward and what better way to reward all the watering and weeding chores than with a garden that pays you back in pizza!

Do you have any favorite books for kids about gardens or gardening? Let me know your favorites in the comments!


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