What the ARC kids are reading…

Wow!  It’s February already!  Although the ARC kids are currently reading the “prequel” to the Mysterious Benedict Society, The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict, for Little, Brown Publishers, they were eager to share their recent favorites at the January meeting.

Danielle and Toby are reading the Hunger Games

Toby got a Kindle for Christmas and the whole series was already loaded on it!!

Additionally, Danielle is also reading Wonderstruck and LionBoy:

Samantha read and enjoyed: White Star: a dog on the Titanic (Titanic fans, this is your year: it’s the 100th anniversary of its sinking!), Stone Fox, Wait till Helen Comes, and The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

Robert recommends a book he is currently reading for school (!).  Black Duck is an exciting story of smuggling during Prohibition.  The Black Duck is the name of the smuggler’s boat!

And Cailin is reading City of Ember, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and The Penultimate Peril, AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!  WITHOUT GETTING MIXED UP!!!  Way to read, Cailin!

And Samantha would like everyone to know that she wouldn’t change a thing in Grace Lin’s latest Pacy adventure, Dumpling Days.  She liked it a lot and had a great time reading it!

Hope these great reads find their way into your book bag (or e-reader!!!).



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