Books and Activities to Beat the Winter Blahs!

The days are getting longer, but it is hard to remember that when rain and snow keep us cooped up indoors! Fight cabin fever with picture books and fun activities about locations far, far from the winter blahs!

In the Rain Forest by Maurice Pledger
Explore the hot and humid rainforest by making a tropical snack mix:

Tropical Rain Forest Snack Mix

1 Cup of Banana Chips
1 Cup of Cashews
1 Cup of Dried Pineapple Chunks
1 Cup of Coconut Flakes
1 Cup of Chocolate Chips

Mix ingredients in a large bowl and enjoy!

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck
Read about a young boy who explores the ocean from his own bath tube and explore rhythm with this “crab castanets” activity:

Crab Castanets

Make homemade castanets with this tutorial or just use your hands to mimic a crabs “pinchers” and take turns tapping out rhythms with your child. Start easy with a tap-tap-tap. Let your child try and then work up to harder rhythms.

What Can Live in a Desert? by Sheila Anderson
Explore desert animals and then make a textured landscape picture about them!

Textured Desert Landscape

Construction Paper
Rice (for cactus spines)
Brown Sugar (for sand)

Draw a desert scene with cactus plants and lots of desert animals, next use craft glue to dot the cactus plants and spread glue where the sand should go. Then sprinkle rice on the cactus glue to mimic spines and brown sugar on the sand area to mimic sand.

Mountain Dance by Thomas Locker
Enjoy a poetic description of various kinds of mountains and how they are formed. Then crank up the fun with a rollicking version of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.” Performed here by The Wiggles.

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