Get into Shape: Books & Activities about the Shapes Around Us

Did you know that learning shapes is important for when your child is ready to read?

Learning shapes is a very early way to introduce your child to the concept of letter knowledge or learning the alphabet.

Photo courtesy of Crafty Couple blog

Photo courtesy of Crafty Couple blog

Knowing that a round shape is a circle and those three lines make a triangle is really only a short hop away from knowing that the circle with a tail is the letter P and the triangle with a belt is really the letter A!

Learn about shapes with some of these fun activities.

Talk about it! Describe the shapes you see all around you. Ask your child to point out balls and circles and boxes and squares.
Read about it!
Visit the library for colorful books about shapes.
Hang it up! Make a mobile for your child’s crib or bedroom that shows simple shapes.
Play with Puzzles! Check out some simple puzzles to teach your child to match shapes.
Eat your shapes! Make shape pancakes or cut a peanut butter sandwich into circles, squares or triangles. Cooked spaghetti noodles are especially fun to make shapes with.
Walk your shapes! Chalk shapes drawn on the sidewalk (in nice weather) or shapes on the carpet made from masking tape (in cold or rainy weather) make unusual balance beams for your child to hop, slide or walk backwards on.
Make a shape snake! Take a tip from the Crafty Couple blog and use some felt scraps and some ribbon to make a lacing shape toy for your older child (with buttons) or with knots on the end for a younger child.

Want more early literacy tips? Check out our Getting Ready to Read guide.

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