Born to Read: Print Awareness

What the heck is “print awareness”?

Print awareness is a skill that children who are not yet reading can develop in which they start to notice printed text and understands how a book works.

Your child will learn that books have a cover, an author, that they are read from top to bottom and left to right, that pages are read in order, that they use words and pictures to tell the story & more.

There are several easy ways to help your child develop their print awareness skills.

  • Point out signs while you are driving, walking or at the grocery store.
  • Explain that signs help us know where things are and how to get to places.
  • While sharing books, point to words as you read them so that your child learns that you are reading the words and not the pictures.
  • Let your child turn the pages as you read.
  • If a book has a word or phrase that repeats, point to it and let the child say it. Check out this list of books with repetition.
  • Hold a book upside down and see if your child knows it needs to be turned around.
  • Read books that include words or print as part of the pictures.

Check out this list of suggested books for developing print awareness skills.

Or learn about the other 5 early literacy skills that will help your child learn to read, including Print Motivation, Letter Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Narrative Skills and Vocabulary.

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