Lions, Insects & Space, Oh My! Non-Fiction Readers for All Ages!

Have you explored our non-fiction reader collection? Do you know how rain gets into the clouds or why the moon changes shape? What is the life-cycle of a butterfly and what does a mail carrier do all day?

Non-fiction is a great way for children to learn about the world from an early age. Don’t wait until your child is reading alone for the facts, non-fiction is perfect for pre-readers too!

Beautiful Photography:  Besides being fun to look at, colorful photographs allow children to focus on the subject matter and forge a connection between textual content and image.

Easy Reader Text: With large fonts and just a few sentences per page, non-fiction readers teach important vocabulary skills. Reading about the life cycle of a squirrel, fire trucks or dinosaurs in just a few pages can hold even the youngest toddler’s attention without becoming overwhelming.

Information Seeking: Children are naturally curious about the world, non-fiction can give parents a way to answer questions and demonstrates how to find information. Non-fiction teaches children that books can be more than stories, books can tell you why the sun is so bright or why a baby skunk doesn’t stink or what going to school is like…or…well, you get the picture.

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